If you have good results with your decals using future, it's just because the Future acts like a glue and fill the microscopic bubbles between the surface and the decal film, so you avoid silvering and improve the adherence of the decal. First you need to know from which substances windscreen wiper fluid is made, and this is fairly simple : shampoo, windex, dish soap and methanol that is also present in the windex fluid. Future/Klear is acrylic paint without any pigment. Unless there's a lot of surface detail, I'd put the decals down with just water straight onto the metalizer (assuming decent quality decals). I've also used Rustoleum gloss and matte clears on all kinds of spray and brush on . To participate you must either login or register for an account. You just need to keep certain aspects in mind regarding the painting process. So, they sell three bottles of gloss, satin and flat, labeled Custom Enamel System, but the thinner is labeled Custom Enamel System Lacquer Thinner. Shop Categories.css-1sjif43{margin-right:20px;}.css-1sjif43 svg{width:20px;height:20px;}.css-1sjif43 .iconFill path{stroke:#000000;fill:#000000;}.css-1sjif43 .icon-tabler rect,.css-1sjif43 .icon-tabler circle,.css-1sjif43 .icon-tabler ellipse,.css-1sjif43 .icon-tabler line,.css-1sjif43 .icon-tabler polyline,.css-1sjif43 .icon-tabler polygon,.css-1sjif43 .icon-tabler path{stroke:#000000;}.css-1sjif43 .icon-tabler path:nth-of-type(1){stroke:none;}. Item model number : 1161X. Both of these I use at about a 50% mix. All of these thinners are relatively mild, but do a great job on these paints - better than any other alternative I've tried. It can be applied with a brush because of it self leveling properties but you get a better finish from an airbrush. 2 reviews. Kevin, Dean, any reason you don't thin X-22 with windscreen wiper fluid? It is also widely available in arts & crafts . A couple examples before using Tamiya Gloss and Testors Dullcote, Charlie DuckworthModeling the MP Bagnell Branch and RI in Eldon, Missouri. A single coat is all you need, do not go back and "thicken it up". Thisd product give as nice gloss sheen to swords, hikts and other shiny bits. I'm interested to see examples of applications if anyone cares to share? If you use a dirty brush your gloss coat may have as tint. Help other shoppers make informed decisions by reviewing your purchase. What's the sense of that? Close but no cigar in some situations. Indeed, it will thin the paint, but later it will effect the paint layer. Which specific features you liked or disliked, and why. It's an acrylic cleat coat, water-washup, thins easily with Windex or isopropyl alcohol or distilled water, airbrushes well, and goes on super flat. The answer to this question is an easy one for me: Tamiya X-22 Clear Gloss acrylic, thinned with Mr. Color Thinner. Not meant to criticise in any way. October 3, 2016 in General Discussion. It is also great for applying decals . However, the whole affair has left me a little anxious to the problem, I would like to eliminate the risk altogether, so I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a "safe" gloss coat that can be used over acrylics (I use Tamiya, Vallejo, Lifecolor and am moving away from Gunze because of this). Not now. Product/service . I swear by using Future as my decal solvent. enamels are OK for detailing small areas but for nice shiny paint jobs lacquer is the best as it dries fast and you can sand within a few days depending on brand.also some of the automotive touch up paint can be a better value.if you are comfortable . Usually I start out with the normal paints at about 25% thinner and thin more from there if it is not quite spraying well. Paste as plain text instead, Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Using a paper towel or soft brush, carefully dab away excess water. Specifically, the one I use is Krylon Colormaxx "Flat Krystal Clear." I concur. ASIN : B079VP5ZVD. I have even brushed (manual) on a thin coat to create the eggshell look in a small area. Ah, yes- Future, the SC Johnson marketing department has changed the product name a number of times, to the confusion of housewives, customers and scale modelers around the world. About 15-20 minutes I apply a normal coat then allow to dry for days before handling the item. Delivery time is estimated using our proprietary method which is based on the buyer's proximity to the item location, the shipping service selected, the seller's shipping history, and other factors. Item not available in Hobby Lobby Stores. After decalling I've airbrushed a light coat of Testors Dullcote over it to seal the decals with no issues. It may be that something else will actually do the job well. Uncached Time = Wed Mar 01 11:40:09 CST 2023, Cached Time = Wed Mar 01 11:40:08 CST 2023, Cached Time = Wed Mar 01 11:40:09 CST 2023, Cached Time = Wed Mar 01 11:35:36 CST 2023, Cached Time = Wed Mar 01 11:39:37 CST 2023, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. 1148 or No. Testors Item # tes1261. I know, many people would sayyeah right, and i understand that, but i know all of these facts because i was a profesional painter for about 25 years, in a factory that manufactured paint. There is also less chance of "lifting" paint if you use thin coats. Mikie. Chief Engineer, Colvin Creek Railway. Experiment with the ratio, it's been awhile since I've used the stuff. One advantage is that semi-gloss (semi-matt?) At least for now. Long answer is proceed with caution. Dick I think I have used the x22 some time ago but can't remember the results. i read that a while back and forgot to bookmark it later on. I use nothing but MM enamels. One thing is for sure, these clear coats can used on acrylic coats, no problem at all, that i allready tryed, but i need a good clear coat which give me a smooth and nice layer image. These products have a laquer base and must be aplied in light misted coats until you build up the finish you want. no problems. Forgot account? Hobby Lobby has it in bottles - mix it 50/50 with lacquer thinner and airbrush it at around 25 psi. So, mist it? Maybe I lack the intellect to find the logic in that. Make sure you keep your coats thin. I'm now ready for decals and exploring my options and i'm interested in people experience with them and recommend one or the other. Join our email list to receive our Weekly Ad, special promotions, fun project ideas and store news. In that way the first clear coat layer will protect you're underneat acrylic paint, now you can build up safely you're clear coat layers until you are happy with the result. The hobby shop called me, said that Testor's quit producing the thinner they say is the ONLY one to use, but still produce the Gloss and Dullcote. funny funeral poems for grandad. You can use Glosscote, if this is the enamel version thin slightly with the Testors Airbrush Thinner and spray about 35 PSI. In particular the dull coat came out more like a satin coat. Testors Model Paint Auto Detail Enamel Paint Set 8 Colors + Thinner + brush 9120 . WISH LIST. I'm sure this topic has been raised over and over here but im struggling with everyones recomendation to the one product "Future". I use their dull coatfor gloss, though, I bought a quart of Minwax "clear gloss lacquer" (the quart cost about the same as 2-3 Testors bottles of gloss). (outside the Model Master enamels) are the bottled Glosscote and Dullcote. Testor has created a line of lacquer primers, thinners, and top coats giving modelers that extra edge to craft the paint to the right effect needed for that project. I use it now and is alot cheaper thatn Dullcote. As Volzj stated, experiment with your thinning, ratio. Depending on what process you will be using after using theTestors products, DO NOTuse mineral based products such as AK Interactive or MIG Ammo weathering products, the mineral spirits will attack the Testors product. Do not shake the bottle to avoid forming bubbles. Model Master Testors Enamel Paint I really appreciate the responses, fellas, very helpful. I have been using Testors gloss and dull cotes for over 30 years with. About Lacquer Top Coats & Thinners. About Tamiya Flat Base, yes like everybody said it's just an additive elements to other gloss paints. SKU: 1707082. I might add the Metalizer Sealer to the list, as it was a . You can also use the Levelling variety, or even Tamiya's own branded lacquer thinner. Clear Glosscote Spray Testors Testors. Whether you liked or disliked the product. Read the full FAQ. Just I'm risk averse. But, given the products name history, that could change next week, so I make no guarantees. You know, Don, I rattle-canned a coat of glosscoat on my BF-109 WIP, and it turned out pretty good. Some time ago I experienced cracking of Gunze paint after applying a thick coat of Future. Easy one to get wrong. "Do you thin Future, if so with what? Must be clear coated in 2 hours. Do not to over thin flat Enamels, as they can turn to a gloss if over thinned. National Model Railroad Association, Inc. And Tamiya's X-22 is a terrific clear gloss; far superior to floor polish in my opinion, and safe to use over most other paints. Thinner: - 1419 metalizer thinner, Model Master Auto Lacquer X-22 can be thinned with many different thinners, from water to alcohol to lacquer thinner, with different results. The one that I've finally relied on is Tamiya Gloss Coat. Thanks, Fermis - Have you seen any reactions to finishes, enamel or acrylic? It causes the Testors finish todesolve. After spending hours building, I don't want to risk mucking it up with the painting. Not that you were asking about it, but an alternative to Dullcote is to use Testors Model Master Acryl Flat Clear. Scot M. Posted July 21, 2007. I'd agree with Kev -Tamiya X22 is great. I used the Modelflex gloss coat and dull coat and didn't like them at all. After decals I wait about a week before dullcoat. I think lacquer thinner will still work on the acrylics. Thinner: - 28016 thinner only, Testor Enamels Below: Placing the spray can in warm / hot water for a few minutes before spraying helps the paint go on more smoothly. Product Dimensions : 1.4 x 1.4 x 3.2 inches; 4 Ounces. Interesting find Prof! Microsol makes the decals VERY soft in order to conform over raised details and other irregular (non flat) surfaces. cannot deserialize value of type javatimeoffsetdatetime from string. Do you need to thin it very much for airbrushing? Marcel111 Yep, you can pretty much put anything you want over X-22 once it has cured, save for hot lacquers. Too many models to build, not enough time in a lifetime!! Dullcote does only one thing, but it does it extremely well: it gives your minis a glorious flat, matte finish. A single coat is all you need, do not go back and "thicken it up". Best Sellers Rank: #178,031 in Beauty & Personal Care ( See Top 100 in Beauty & Personal Care) #1,154 in Lip Gloss. testors enamel are notorious for not drying very quick if you were sanding between coats you'd have to wait a week maybe longer between coats. Now if I use floquil, I use Floquil thinner. I use Glosscote every once in a long while (normally Pledge like others) but Dulcote all the time so I don't really remember an exact ratio.I used it about three weeks ago as I needed to spray an entire car and felt more secure with a faster drying agent than Pledge. The sequence that i follow and works for me: Decals using Micro set (the blue lettered bottle), When decals are drying i apply Micro-sol (the red lettered bottle), Seal when all is dry with Clear Gloss or Clear Satin Coat (if needed several coats), Flat clear coat (Tamiya is good, as is Galeria series by W&N). Recent cans seem to be the old lacquer and dry quite quickly. For awhile Testors was offering rattlecans of both enamel and lacquer gloss overcoats. I have even brushed (manual) on a thin coat to create the eggshell look in a small area. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acrylic_paint. Airbrush Thinning Ratios If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. I use both Testors gloss and dull cote and use Home Depot LT to thin it about 20% LT and rest Testors stuff. If I use Scalecoat II (which is what I prefer), I use Scalecoat II thinner. It can be used over all Testor/Pactra/Model . If I use Scalecoat II(which is what I prefer), I use Scalecoat II thinner. Your previous content has been restored. $19.99 + $7.87 shipping. I generally go for heavier coats, but that is because I usually am going for a heavier gloss. Works well. One of the first things to remember is to apply a "Light misting coat" to your last color coats before applying a heave wet clear coat once the mist coat has completely dried. For a while I used lacquer thinner at about 50%, but it crazed the paint I was using at the time. No reason to spray the whole car with gloss then have to re spray it with dull coatDaveB. I checked with our big RR club members here in town, they say it's not touchy stuff at all, generic lacquer thinner works well. Testors Lacquer Top Coat Liquid Glosscote 1.75 oz- Give your flat-finished model surfaces a glossy sheen with glosscote top coat. This is a 3 oz. I'll look for some, there's a large home center near me. Make your models shine using this Testors Glosscote Top Coat! Because I use these products extensively in my weathering,I would like to pass on this little caveat. By The original Kleer - Pledge. When using the buffing coatings, gently rub out the dried film to achieve a gloss reflectance. 2023 Michaels Stores. Make your models shine using this Testors Glosscote Top Coat! This item cannot be shipped to the following state(s): 50 characters maximum I have also thought of using the Mr. Surfacer UV Cut Gloss Coats, but am a little anxious about trying out a new product. It takes a bit more thinner (turpentine) than Testors enamels. Gloss Classic White lacquer and the required clear coat are two of the dearly departed products. As far as I know, the Testors Glosscote and Dullcote have not changed formulas since i started using them in the mid-70's. Thinner: - all enamel thinners, Get Rust-Oleum updates on your Facebook wall, Get Rust-Oleum updates on your Twitter feed, Get Rust-Oleum updates on your Pinterest board, Get Rust-Oleum updates on your YouTube page, Get Rust-Oleum updates on your Instagram page. I know loads of people who use Future & all sorts of automotive based chemicals with results at least as good. As for windscreen wiper fluid - the thought never occurred to me. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings. If you do want to thin it use distilled water. It's actually reasonably price in Australia to. It resists external elements easily. TESTOR . Again, make sure the acrylic has cured at least a few days. Now for the question which one to use, i can not answer that. Admittedly, the stuff stinks, so you either should have a spray booth w/ exhaust fan or else do it outdoors. http://www.hectorshardware.biz/shop/product.asp?dept_id=150902&sku=784915&. It can be sprayed as is and use ammonia based windex to clean your airbrush. C-415 Build: https://imageshack.com/a/tShC/1, Other builds: https://imageshack.com/my/albums. Most products may be shipped via standard ground (delivered in 3-5 business days) or Expedited (1 business day). Anyway, thanks all for the help, much appreciated. I use Testors Dullcoat in the bottle. Our community is FREE to join. Flat; 3 parts paint to 1 part thinner, and have tried almost every manufacturer's brand of gloss to get a finish where the decals won't silver. Dec 29, 2016. General Discussion - NO POLITICS. I've done close to 200 builds, so far, and still have almost half a quart still. Spray 3 to 4 light mist coats. Orders placed by 11:00 AM Central Time using the Expedited option will ship the same day. Alclad Gloss. Use this Testors Glosscote Spray Paint over painted surfaces to prevent chipping and to get a smooth glossy finish over flat paint. Don't know if it has some sort of different make up, but it sure works better. No mixing is good You can post now and register later. At the moment i'm looking for a good clear coat to use, previous brands didn't give me positive results. It works better when it's open. Gloss, Satin and Flat, but the thinner is called lacquer thinner. Metalizer will dry to the touch in minutes; they require 24 hours for a full cure It seems to work well either way. Log In. It' s a fairly simple explanation, soap is an enemy of paint, because it breaks down some substances that are present in the paint, the most importand is the pigment, that colors the paint. July 20, 2007 in Tools 'n' Tips. The only issues I have ever had with the Minwax have been when I sprayed too much, too quickly (had same issue with Testors gloss too)that will crinkle up the paint. MILORG, If you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got!! I'm now ready for decals and exploring my options and i'm interested in people experience with them and recommend one or the other, - Testors 1161 Glosscote Lacquer- Mr Hobby 030 Gloss Clear- Humbrol 35 Gloss Varnish- TAMIYA Gloss Clear x22, At the moment i'm leaning towards Testers and following sequence. You as well, your latest F-4 looks outstanding. Unfortunately i got no experience with Testor's clear coats in order to comment further. For me, this results in a finish that's between flat and satin. Thinner: - all enamel solvents, Model Master Testors Acrylic There is also less chance of "lifting" paint if you use thin coats. Like many of the traditional - best - Testors products, this requires thinner and may act like a thinner. Everybody has to chose for himself which thinning solution to use, but for me, i stick to the manufacturers thinning products or equal.example : Tamiya X20A is simply pure isoprophyl alcohol, so i buy it at a pharmacy which is very cheap. Many people have good results with it, but i think even more people encounter issues with it. Description. I was happy with it, except it seemed to take a long time to dry. Learn from the mistakes of others, trust me..you can't live long enough to make all the mistakes yourself, I tried !! The trick here is to not spray it on wet. but AFAIK it is no longer available. Forums; Staff; Online Users; More . It can be used over all Testor, Pactra and Model Master enamels and acrylics after they have dried. I am thinking about applying a coat of Modelmaster gloss enamel over the acrylics I use as a way of providing a protective layer, any thoughts on that? Past month; 5 . Moreover it's not a solvent at all. Picture album at :http://www.railimages.com/gallery/dickjubinville I have even used it glue down ballast in a pinch, although I prefer matte medium for that as it doesn't dry as hard. See question no.39 on "Paint Thinning" for additonal information for paint clean up. Beware that it requires precision mixing ratio to get the desired flat level. If anyone has a source in Australia i'm open to options as there is a few floating around and to be honest im not sure i want to go testing each one to find the solution everyone is usuing. Sign up for a new account in our community. Working pressure is approx 12 psiPeter. Air pressure should be approximately 18-20 PSI might be something to explore a little more. All rights reserved. And how much do you thin it? View our, Tools, Techniques, and Reference Materials. But overall Testor Dull Coat is very nice. Air presser should be around 18-20 PSI It works most of the time, but it's not guaranteed to do so. $24.99 + $11.45 shipping. However, the objective is gloss under the decal only so better to brush on the future as one decals ,just a little layer right under the decal,apply the decal to the wet future , then after the decal dries spray some dull coat over the dried decals. These products work very well in thinning ourlacquer paints for use in an airbrush. Tip 1: use a very clean brush! GFollano. Model Master Metalizer Please see FAQ 5 for full Model Master Metalizer instructions. I do not use acrylics at all, so can't comment there. Thanks, Ed - I have plenty of lacquer thinner, DuPont and some Testors for their small bottle clear coats, it's called a lacquer thinner, I'll give a try for a small test batch. Please see FAQ 5 for full Model Master Metalizer instructions. I have been using Testors gloss and dull cotes for over 30 years with. Make sure you keep your coats thin. Use full strokes. White leading edges and tail (SWPA scheme) - several years ago I noticed that when I placed a freshly painted (w/white) model, the P-47 had most definately yellowed. The favorite varnish of rock stars! Out of Stock. Marcel, I used to thin Tamiya acrylics with windshield washer fluid but found it made it less durable. But, you can still get the Wet Look Clear and High Gloss Clear. Dullcote is a lacquer, so a lacquer thinner is what is needed here. Use full strokes. The solvents in the clear coate need time to vaporize, if you put thin layers on you're model, then the solvents will not have the time to tackle the acrylic paint underneat, but vaporize in an instand. I hope my explanation is clear, because English isn't my mother language. I never give my chalk weathering a final clear finish as there is more than sufficient tooth to the Dullcoat to hold it in place . even when handled from time to time. Shipping & Returns. Deposit limits will apply. I've been using it with great success on 1/35 military and 1/72 aircraft kits for the past ten years or so. I typically do a couple light coats (this will dry to the touch in just minutes), then get a little heavier, with a few more coats. Choose your favorite color of paint (sold separately), allow it to dry completely, then apply this top coat for a beautiful and protected finish. Recently I emailed Alclad paints regarding the proper fluid to thin theirAlclad II Lacquer Gloss Klear Kote ALC 310. I've used the model masters gloss coat and haven't had issues. PrimeColor CoatTesters GlossDecal Application using MicroSolTesters Gloss Entire Model then following with weathering and tone down the car. I usually use Future for my clearcoats, but of course you can't if you're going to be doing an acrylic wash and scrubbing that off with windex. Don't forget that Future is a floor polish, it's not designed to be airbrushed onto models. Pascoes ". " TESTORS 1161 GLOSSCOTE TOP COAT 1.75 fl.oz/51.7ml Item #1161X (#133539321508) g***g (421) - Feedback left by buyer g***g (421). Well now, that really clears that question up, doesn't it??? Discontinuance of the Model Master, Pactra, and Aztek brands was previously announced on Testors' Facebook page. Mist on applications of the sealer so as not to diminish the reflectance. Apply a fabulously bright color, and apply this overcoat to protect the finish. For the small scales, this is usually faster and easier than setting up an airbrush. It's a little confusing how they label stuff. May 22, 2006. View our, Tools, Techniques, and Reference Materials. Pascoes "Long Life" floor polish is an alternative, but, as others have said, any clear acrylic should work. I have used both Krylon Gloss Clear and Flat (Matte) Clear for decaling and/or dulling finishes with great results. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/sean-p-murphy-designs. You should be aware once you mix this clear coat, it should not exceed 48 hours while in the pot before applying it. norris center calendar, mike watanabe net worth,

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